Dream for Uganda Fundraiser

Two worlds collided in Kyengera, Uganda in 2012 as the auditorium doors at the Cambridge Secondary School in burst open, showcasing the Suubi Fusion Troupe. This was unlike anything visiting Canadian journalist, Valerie Hill, had ever experienced .  For a moment Valerie forgot where she was, she forgot that she had been feeling ill, and she forgot the heat and poverty surrounding her. The sound of the percussion, and the young voices that were so full of energy and life were mesmerizing. At that very moment the lives of everyone in the school changed.

Back in Canada Valerie approached her friends and asked for help bringing the kids of Suubi to Canada for a music tour to raise funds for the school.  In May of 2013, Valerie’s newly formed team had successfully brought the first group of Suubi kids to Canada to perform.  Because of the tremendous success of the first tour, Dream for Uganda was established as a non-profit organization.

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